Brexit Resources

Prepare for Brexit: Tools & Resources

Below are a selection of resources to help businesses prepare for Brexit.

Chamber Network

Prepare for

Delivered in partnership by Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies; HIE, Business Gateway, SDI, Scottish Enterprise and SDS, this provides a collaborative base of support for Scottish business designed to raise awareness of the risks, challenges and opportunities of the new economic landscape by highlighting areas that business needs to plan for to mitigate the possible consequences of Brexit.

UK Government

The Government’s Technical Notices give information on what would happen in different industries and around different issues in a no-deal scenario.

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government set out its position on the Withdrawal Agreement in its ‘Scotland’s Place in Europe’ paper that was published in November 2018.

In January of last year, it published a Brexit readiness assessment that summaries the risks facing Scottish businesses in a no deal Brexit. The report describes the key findings from Ernst & Young’s analysis of Scottish business sectors’ key challenges and preparedness for Brexit.

The report draws on an assessment of Brexit risks carried out in September and October 2018 across 14 key sectors in the Scottish economy identified by the Scottish Government through a Rapid Synthesis, and a series of sector-specific dynamic consultation workshops facilitated by Ernst & Young on behalf of the Scottish Government during November 2018.

European Commission

The European Commission has published a number of documents across many areas that will be affected by Brexit. They set out the consequences if there is no deal reached between the UK & EU come the date of departure.


In January of last year, the Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham set out how the ICO is helping businesses, particularly SMEs, prepare for a possible no-deal Brexit. She also set out the importance of understanding how data protection may be affected in such a scenario.

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