Are you making the most of your green credentials?
Could your business be doing more to be green? And, are you...
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June 30, 2021
10:00 AM
Online Event:
Event Details
Hosted By GrowBiz

Could your business be doing more to be green? And, are you sharing what you’re already doing with your customers?
This event is hosted by GrowBiz who provide free enterprise support to businesses and the self employed in rural Scotland.

World Leaders are planning to attend COP 26 (the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference) in Glasgow in November this year. With the spotlight on climate change, we thought we’d focus this learning session on helping your business to identify and recognise its green potential and credentials. Do you know what they are and if not how do you figure them out?

This session is for you if you run a product or services business or perhaps you are in the creative sector.
We’d like to support you in identifying why green credentials matter. Perhaps you’re not making the most of what it is that you are doing which could be one of your USPs (unique selling points).

We’ll be looking at such things as:
– sourcing locally, responsibly and sustainably
– how to manage the impact we have on our environment and community
– ways to reduce waste
– energy usage
– purchasing decisions
– how to encourage sustainable behaviours
– healthy living

By the end of the session you’ll hopefully be much more aware of your green credentials to share with your target audience, customers or clients.