Introduction to Facebook for Businesses
Do you have a Facebook business page or are you thinking of...
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June 9, 2021
11:00 AM
Online Event:
Event Details
Hosted By GrowBiz

Do you have a Facebook business page or are you thinking of having one? Come along and let us help you figure it out.
This event is hosted by GrowBiz, who provide free enterprise support for businesses in rural Scotland.

Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of having a Facebook page for your business or maybe you have one but don’t post all that often?
If that sounds like you then you’ll want to join us for this learning session where we’ll help you to think through your rationale for having a business page in the first place.

We’ll be looking at such things as:
– do you really need one
– what’s your strategy and what outcomes do you hope to achieve from the page
– who are your audience and are they on this social media platform, how will it work for both you and them
– what makes your page stand out and look good
– how to tidy up your page
– how to signpost your audience with a call to action

By the end of the session you’ll hopefully be much more knowledgeable about what you can hope to achieve with a Facebook business page.