Letter sent to Southern Reporter by SBCC Convener

Published on Friday 7 September 2012 10:58

May I, as gently as possible, remind Mr Cross (letters, August 23) of just some of the many fantastic developments that have been completed, are being planned or under construction in the Borders.

These include our first Borders crematorium, with a second on the way; Eyemouth Harbour can now receive cruise ships; the 3G sports arena; the Abbotsford House visitor centre; our first palliative care unit; the proposed purpose-built mountain bike chairlift at Innerleithen; the Bill McLaren rugby museum; and, yes, the return of our railway.

I, of course, accept that these are incredibly tough times for many in our community, including the business community, but to suggest that we are in a “situation which daily seems to get worse beyond imagination” is simply wrong.

James Aitken

(Convener, Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce)

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