New Membership Packages!

The Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce is proud to represent the Borders Business community and 2022 has seen many behind the scenes changes.

We welcomed Siobhan Petrie as Chair and Strawberry Lemonade Events to support our vision for the events calendar and with this, we have updated our pricing and membership offering to remain relevant and accessible.

Going forward we will have three types of membership – “Membership”, “Enterprise” and “Charity” starting from £100 per year and offering a range of services and benefits to local businesses.

Siobhan Petrie, Chair said, “This is a really exciting time for the SBCC and we are delighted to continue to unveil new events, training, round tables and further connection opportunities in the near future. Please do reach out as we welcome feedback and want to continue conversations about how members can best use the SBCC.”

For further information please click here to access our membership brochure. To contact the SBCC email