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Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and the difficulty of making or receiving international payments can have an enormous impact on companies engaged in international trade.

Using in-depth FX market intelligence, we are able to provide access to the very best foreign exchange rates.

Scottish Chambers FX can help businesses reduce both costs and risks of foreign exchange transactions as we know that any changes in exchange rates can have a massive impact on your bottom line.

This new service is provided by industry leading specialists Scot-FX who will provide you with a dedicated dealer who will assist you with your payment requirements and clearly explain our products and services. Your business can take advantage of highly competitive exchange rates, no commissions, lower transfer fees and access to both spot and forward trades as well as advice as to how best to execute your hedging policies.

As foreign exchange specialists, Scot-FX have a dedicated team who are experienced in all aspects of FX and can guide you through the entire process, helping clients with each transaction from start to finish.

Scot-FX offer the most secure way to trade on the foreign exchange markets. More than just an ordinary FX transaction account, your Scot-FX account is held in segregated client money accounts with Barclays Bank.

Read more about Scot FX in the  chambers fx brochure

About Scottish Chambers FX
Scottish Chambers FX is a partnership between Scottish Chambers of Commerce and SCOT FX. SCOT FX is proud to have been chosen as the preferred provider of foreign exchange services to the members of the local chambers throughout the network.

Scottish Chambers FX has been developed by SCOT FX in association with the Scottish Chambers of Commerce and aims to provide members with a highly personal service in order to deliver substantial savings to members in their foreign exchange dealings.

What Scottish Chambers FX can do for you
SCOT FX has direct access to the wholesale currency markets and is able to pass on the resultant savings to members. SCOT FX charges no fees for transactions in excess of £5,000 (£10 being charged for amounts up to £5,000). SCOT FX does not charge commission.

Scottish Chambers FX is also able to assist members with their foreign exchange hedging policies.

Scottish Chambers FX is there to assist members who
Import or export goods and services and have a foreign exchange requirement

Make regular foreign payments

Need to protect themselves against foreign currency fluctuations

Scottish Chambers FX benefits:
Access to the wholesale foreign exchange markets – resulting in highly competitive exchange rates

No commission and no or minimal fees

Direct access to dealers on a dedicated telephone line for up to the minute quotes

Direct access to SCOT FX directors

A secure and safe trading environment – SCOT FX is FCA and HMRC regulated and all funds are held in segregated accounts

For further information:
Please contact us on our dedicated Scottish Chambers FX number:        
0333 400 1271


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