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Identifying the Skills Needed by Borders Businesses

Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce have joined forces with Skills Development Scotland to offer fully-funded skills reviews for Borders businesses, under the banner ‘Skills for Growth’ delivered by Skills Development Scotland.

SBCC is supporting and facilitating the referral of local businesses to the Skills for Growth programme, which provides a skills diagnostic service for businesses with between five and 250 employees.

Skills for Growth is a fully-funded service designed to help employers identify and understand their skills needs. A detailed Employer Action Plan is developed with guidance towards the most relevant training, funding and local business support based on identified skills need.

The dedicated Skills Development Scotland executives guide business people through the whole process, working to understand the skills needs, creating a detailed plan and guiding the business to the right support. They will also help make the best use of the business’ existing management abilities, and assess staff’s skills, and work with training providers to fill the gaps.

We’re really proud with what we’ve achieved through Skills for Growth.

Callum CrudenDirector, Ri Cruden

We’ve found it really beneficial, making sure we keep focused on our team and making sure that we’re an employer of choice. I’d definitely recommend Skills for Growth to others.”

skills for growth

The skills and knowledge of employees are key to every business’ growth strategy, so if this is of interest get in touch with SBCC and explore a programme that has supported over 1000 employers so far. Together we will help you maximise your business’ potential.

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