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Andy Drane : Director
  • Andy Drane Director
  • Andy is a Partner with commercial law firm Davidson Chalmers Stewart and has over 20 years’ experience of providing businesses with practical, commercial legal advice. His expertise covers a wide variety of sectors and he has particular interests in helping businesses grow and move into new markets. He is an experienced business owner and manager in his own right and heads up the Davidson Chalmers Stewart legal offering in the South of Scotland from the firm’s Galashiels office.
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Moira Wilson : Chair
  • Moira Wilson Chair
  • Moira has worked closely with businesses in the Scottish Borders for the last 11 years and has witnessed the growth of existing employers in addition to the emergence of new and exciting industry sectors within the region. She is also passionate about promoting the industry sectors based within the Scottish Borders, in addition to working closely with other chambers, industry bodies and government agencies to create a thriving and exciting place to live and work.

Mary Hemingway : Director
  • Mary Hemingway Director
  • Mary moved to the Borders 7 years ago from Lancashire and has gained a wealth of experience in the finance industry, making her mark in the Scottish Borders as a trusted Financial Advisor. Focussed on making the Borders a better place for younger people to do business, she is working with DYW Borders and is a Committee Member and Treasurer of the Scottish Borders Young Professionals.

Jack Clark : Director
  • Jack Clark Director
  • Jack spent his entire working life with John Swan and Sons PLC, Livestock Auctioneers, in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland, employment which spanned over 48 years during which he served 20 years as Managing Director. Jack retired from John Swan in 2013 and was appointed Chairman of Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce that year. His field of expertise is naturally agriculture and rural affairs, however, by his own admission, since joining Chamber he has acquired a wider appreciation of the involvement of all sectors of the Borders economy which contribute to making our region one of the best in which to work. Jack continues to be a Fellow of the Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland.

Raymond Kerr :
  • Raymond Kerr
  • Raymond is the Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder Qube Holdings Ltd., Galashiels. Educated within the Scottish Borders, he has a 21 year background in the Scottish Borders Electronics Industry. He is now part of the team building an enterprise which has national reach and influence employing hundreds of people throughout the UK. He has a passion for the Borders and recognises that we have unique opportunity right now to enhance our areas area’s reputation for its skills, landscape and flexibility through providing the infrastructure to support a stable Borders wide economy. “I see SBCC as the conduit to lay down the seeds to allow our area to flourish.”
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