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Scottish Borders Business Excellence Awards

Your ‘favourite’ local businesses set for awards.

A new search has been launched to find the ‘Borders Favourite Business’ – and everyone in the region is invited to cast their vote.

Four awards are to be dished out to winners in each of the Borders’ districts – Berwickshire, Roxburghshire, Ettrick and Lauderdale, and Tweeddale – and that quartet will then compete for the overall title of ‘Borders Favourite Business 2024’.

To nominate a local business for the new ‘Borders Favourite Business’ Award, you can find the details here. Choose one business or several, and all will be placed into the area in which they are based with the district winners announced in July. The overall regional winner will be revealed at Peebles Hydro Hotel on 30 August.

The award is being launched by the Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce as part of its annual Scottish Borders Business Excellence Awards event, at Peebles Hydro Hotel on 30 August, which shines the light on local businesses.

SBCC Chairman Trevor Jackson explained:

“It is always a great celebration, and we wanted to find a way this year to bring customers and their views into the awards process.

“The 2024 event is already close to a sell-out, so this isn’t about trying to sell tickets. What we’re trying to do is tap into the businesses who go above and beyond to serve the Borders people.

“How they do that and what that actually means to people is entirely up to the public who vote for this new award to decide. They may opt for a business that has shown exceptional quality, perhaps delivered quicker than expected, or maybe it’s just a very friendly service that makes people come back time and again. What makes a ‘favourite’ business? We want people to tell us.

“There are undoubtedly many qualities that make a business someone’s favourite and this award is about recognising that, and those who really connect with their customers and the Borders.”

The Chamber has re-launched this year after securing new investment from the UK and Scottish Government which is being invested in staff, a new website and an enhanced support service for small and medium enterprises.

A series of awards will be presented on August 30th that recognise excellence in food and drink, hospitality, innovation, technology and manufacturing. There are three Borders’ ‘Business of the Year’ gongs covering small and medium-sized firms, and businesses will also be nominated for their efforts in developing the young workforce, fair work and net zero targets, and a ‘Young Business Person of the Year’ will also be recognised.

The awards are a fundamental part of inspiring and motivating local people, according to Mr Jackson, by recognising and celebrating Borders firms in a challenging economic climate.

“There is no doubt that many, many businesses in this area have suffered since the Covid pandemic,” he added, “with rising energy costs, cost of living and challenges from Brexit. We have lost some very good businesses and business people in the last few years, and to be honest we can’t afford to lose any more.

“So, the Chamber has been revitalised, we’ve secured fresh funding and we’re working hard to re-establish and build a vision for the Chamber network that enables local businesses to support each other, but also widen our visibility on national and international stages, and ensure the Borders voice is respected.

“And for us that starts with the people of the Borders, of all ages, who work for our local businesses and support them as customers. We are really looking forward to the awards night in Peebles, and we hope the new award will generate some excitement across the Borders and helps us shine the spotlight on businesses who perhaps are rarely heard of but who are a real ‘favourite’ of local people.”